Local church teams up with Cam Jordan for Turkey Giveaway


Cam Jordan posing with students. photo credit: Tess Rowland

Tess Rowland

While the holiday season prompts spending time with loved ones and eating good food, it also calls for giving to those who are not as blessed as you are.

City Church has been fulfilling the needs of the New Orleans East community since after Hurricane Katrina, being one of the first supply distribution centers in the area providing basic necessities from food to clothing to those in need.

This past Friday they hosted a Turkey- Giveaway in which they handed out 300 turkeys to families in need.

The church deemed November, the “I Care” month, meaning this month the church and its members will focus on doing acts of service.

“Individual families are giving these turkeys out, it could’ve just come from our general funds, but it was other people wanting to do something for someone else and that’s the joy of Thanksgiving,” said City Church Senior Pastor Owen McManus.

Linda Joseph was one of the first in line to get a turkey. Even though she isn’t a member of the church congregation she is still benefits from their generosity.

“It is absolutely wonderful. I don’t have the resources myself to go out and just buy a turkey so I always look forward to this event this year,” said Joseph.

The event takes place annually, but this year it had a special surprise, New Orleans Saints Defensive End Cam Jordan attended the event and lended a helping hand.

Brenda Thompson waited in line to get a turkey, and also to see Jordan.

“It’s my 70th birthday today, and this is the best gift ever,” said Thompson.

Jordan brought a smile to many fans faces and took the time to sign autographs and take photos.

“I’m just overly blessed to be out here another day, it’s my spiritual home here so if they have something to do you know i’d love to be apart of it,” said Jordan.

Jordan wasn’t the only person folks were shocked to see. The Bishop McManus Student Council Association also donated their time and efforts to assist many elderly patrons get their turkey and deliver it to their cars.

“It makes me feel thankful because some people are not able to do what I am able to do,” said student Brandi Brown.

While many will be enjoying their turkey Jordan has other Thanksgiving plans.

“I’m not going to be having a turkey… I’m going to be having a falcon, I guess,” said Jordan.

The Saints take on the Atlanta Falcons, Thanksgiving Day in Atlanta, Georgia at 7:20 p.m.