Celebration Church gives back during pandemic

Celebration church volunteers pack 22 care packages for those in the community in need for supplies.

Anum Siddiqui

Celebration church volunteers pack 22 care packages for those in the community in need for supplies.

Anum Siddiqui, Pack News

While churches shift their Sunday service online due to the coronavirus, Celebration Church in the New Orleans area continues to give back to their community. Church volunteers get together once a week to pack care packages and deliver to those in need.

“The main reaction has just been joy. Seeing how much people care about each other at this time, instead of forgetting people in our community do need help,” Mindy Parker, Ministry Assistant said.

Due to social distancing, the church is only allowing a group of 8 people to volunteer. 

“I don’t want to be on the sidelines and be like what I can do. This is small, but it’s big in someone’s eyes,” Carlos Lopez, volunteer, said. “Someone is going to get blessed today.”

The church has set up a request for care packages through Facebook. Those who express they are in need of supplies, send their address to the church and wait on the package. 

“Most people we have seen are elderly who can’t leave their house to go to the grocery store. And of course people who don’t have an income right now,” Parker said. “The reaction is wonderful, I have seen a woman cry, which made me cry.” 

The care packages include canned goods,toilet paper, disposable gloves, coloring books, and any other donations. These donations are made through church members and local businesses. 

“We have even delivered to people who are in motels because they cant afford to pay rent since they lost their jobs,” Parker said.

As the number of coronavirus cases continues to jump in New Orleans, Celebration Church said they will continue the care packages as long as they have to.

“There is no other best feeling than helping people,” said Lopez.

Celebration church delivers over 20 packages once a week. 

“Just knowing bringing a box of food to someone’s doorstep can really make a difference, is a really great feeling,” said Parker.

Since large gatherings have been banned, the church live streams their services online and created a YouTube channel.