Streaming This Week: May 15

Courtesy of Hulu

Courtesy of Hulu

Ver Lumod

Classes are officially over, which means it’s time to relax and unwind. Streaming services are here to help you with that goal, as they have tons of new content in store. From a new Hulu series to a darkly comedic Italian crime film, here are the films and TV shows streaming this week.

May 15

The Great (Hulu)

Streaming on Hulu
Courtesy of Hulu

The new period comedy series from Hulu offers a fictionalized take on the rise of Catherine the Great, played by Elle Fanning, as the longest reigning female ruler in Russian history. The idealistic outsider has to contend with her mercurial husband Emperor Peter III, played by Nicholas Hoult, as she tries to improve the country’s fortunes.

To watch “The Great,” click here.

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It’s a Disaster (Hulu)

Andy Explores: Complete Season 1 (Hulu)

Beat Bobby Flay: Complete Seasons 8, 9 (Hulu)

Caribbean Life: Complete Season 15 (Hulu)

Chopped: Complete Seasons 37-39 (Hulu)

Community en Español: Complete Series (Hulu)

Drag Me: Complete Season 1 (Hulu)

Epic Conversations: Complete Season 1 (Hulu)

Fast N’ Loud: Complete Season 15 (Hulu)

From the Test Kitchen: Complete Season 1 (Hulu)

Gold Rush: Complete Season 8 (Hulu)

The Great Food Truck Race: Complete Seasons 8, 9 (Hulu)

Handcrafted: Complete Season 1 (Hulu)

Iconic Characters: Complete Season 2 (Hulu)

It’s Alive With Brad: Complete Season 2 (Hulu)

The Little Couple: Complete Seasons 13, 14 (Hulu)

Molly Tries: Complete Season 1 (Hulu)

Murder in the Heartland: Complete Season 2 (Hulu)

Open Door: Complete Season 2 (Hulu)

On the Market: Complete Season 1 (Hulu)

Property Brothers: Complete Seasons 12, 13 (Hulu)

Reverse Engineering: Complete Season 1 (Hulu)

73 Questions: Complete Season 2 (Hulu)

Street Outlaws: Complete Seasons 8, 9 (Hulu)

Worst Cooks in America: Complete Season 14 (Hulu)

Chichipatos (Netflix)

District 9 (Netflix)

I Love You, Stupid (Netflix)

Inhuman Resources (Netflix)

Magic for Humans: Season 3 (Netflix)

White Lines (Netflix)

Seberg (Amazon Prime Video)

The Last Narc: Season 1 (Amazon Prime Video)

May 16

Joker (HBO)

Streaming on HBO
Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures

Directed by Todd Phillips, the 2019 psychological thriller depicts failed stand-up comedian Arthur Fleck, played by Joaquin Phoenix, as he descends into insanity that turns him into the titular character. It recently swept this year’s Academy Awards with 11 nominations, including Best Picture, and won Best Actor for Phoenix and Best Original Score for Hildur Guðnadóttir.

Click here to read The Maroon’s full, spoiler-free review of “Joker.”

Click here to read The Maroon’s full, spoiler review of “Joker.”

To watch “Joker,” click here.

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La Reina de Indias y el Conquistador (Netflix)

Public Enemies (Netflix)

United 93 (Netflix)

Atonement (Showtime)

May 17

Anna Christie (Criterion Channel)

Streaming on Criterion Channel
Courtesy of Metro-Goldwyn-Meyer

Frances Marion is one of the unsung feminine heroes of early cinema. Often cited as one of the most celebrated screenwriters of the 20th century, she has won two Academy Awards for penning classics like 1931’s “The Big House” and 1932’s “The Champ”.

In celebration of her greatness, the Criterion Channel offers a showcase of 15 films Marion wrote, including “Anna Christie,” the 1930 tragedy film based on the 1922 Eugene O’Neill play of the same name. Greta Garbo, in what was marketed as her first sound film, stars as the titular character who wrestles with her dark past, as she reunites with her father and falls in love with a sailor.

To watch “Anna Christie,” click here.

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The Winning of Barbara Worth (Criterion Channel)

The Wind (Criterion Channel)

Riffraff (Criterion Channel)

Knight Without Armor (Criterion Channel)

Soul Surfer (Netflix)

Poldark: Season 5 (Amazon Prime Video)

May 18

Investigation of a Citizen Above Suspicion (Criterion Channel)

Streaming on Criterion Channel
Courtesy of The Criterion Collection

The 1970 Italian crime drama from Elio Petri stars Gian Maria Volonté as a cop who kills his mistress and then tests whether the police would charge him for his crime. A darkly comedic satire on corruption, it won the year’s Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film.

To watch “Investigation of a Citizen Above Suspicion,” click here.

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The Big Flower Fight (Netflix)

May 19

Patton Oswalt: I Love Everything (Netflix)

Streaming on Netflix
Courtesy of Netflix

Recorded at the Knight Theater in Charlotte, North Carolina, the new Netflix comedy special features comedian Patton Oswalt as he muses on his age in general, as well as hiring the Michelangelo of wallpaper installation in particular, among other topics.

To watch “Patton Oswalt: I Love Everything,” click here.

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Sweet Magnolias (Netflix)

Trumbo (Netflix)

Like Crazy (Amazon Prime Video)

Trial By Fire (Amazon Prime Video)

Story of the Soaps: Special (Hulu)

May 20

The Flash: Season 6 (Netflix)

Streaming on Netflix
Courtesy of Warner Bros. Television

Cut short due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the latest season of the The CW’s superhero series comes to Netflix. It follows crime scene investigator Barry, played by Grant Gustin, as he continues to fight criminals with his superhuman speed, including those who have also developed superhuman abilities.

To watch “The Flash: Season 6,” click here.

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Ben Platt: Live From Radio City Music Hall (Netflix)

Rebelión de los Godinez (Netflix)