Letter: To Those Who Ask, ‘What Next?’


Robert B. Morrison III

Dear Loyola,

Over the last three weeks, my days have been filled with mental and emotional stress and strain. The world as we know it has not turned upside down, but rather right-side up. We are finally coming together to say no to racism in our country and our communities. George Floyd’s murder seemed to be what the world needed to understand the struggles of being Black in America.

Many of us have wondered what we can do to make a change in our world. How can I contribute to the end of the systematic oppression of Black people in this nation? I believe that the best way for us to put forth our time and effort is within our communities. This is why I write this letter to our school.

As a newly elected Senator-At Large and a Black student on this campus, I would be remiss to overlook the discriminatory issues on campus. There have been problems raised about different professors expressing racist/prejudiced views, the administration not listening to student concerns, and microaggressions experienced from a student to student level. These are issues that we must hold the school accountable for, and in my elected position, I promise to help within my capacities to alleviate our community from these problems.

I am beginning to write up legislation that I hope will bring the change we all want to see on campus. But to see a real difference on our campus, we need help from our students, faculty, and President.


Don’t be afraid to speak up on what you see on campus. No matter if it is a professor or a faculty member, if you experience issues with them, USE YOUR VOICE. We must come together in these times to make our communities better.


Please hold your coworkers accountable for any discriminatory acts they might practice in their classrooms. We need you all to speak up so that our administration hears more than just the student cries, but the employees as well.

President Tetlow:

I personally, from day one on this campus have respected what you do for the Loyola community and how helpful you have been. You will receive most of the backlash from the student body on these issues because you are the face of the school. I can’t speak for everyone, but I believe you want to help your students and are trying. Your students are trying to tell you that we have made it 5 miles up a 100-mile path. Our school is by far one of the better predominately white institutions when it comes to the inclusion of all people on our campus, but there is still far more work to do. I ask you to hear us and continue to work behind closed doors to the farthest extent possible to make Loyola better for all students.

Together we can make a difference in our communities and the world. The time for change is now more than ever. Loyola, we have the chance to be the school that leads the way, let’s not miss out on it.


Robert B. Morrison III

Senator-at Large, Student Government Association