Loyola offers delayed move-in dates for students


Cristian Orellana

Students move into Buddig hall during move in on Thursday Aug. 15, 2019. The university is offering an opportunity to allow students to move onto campus with a delayed move-in date this semester.

Rae Walberg

Loyola will work with students to facilitate delayed move-in dates, according to an email from University President Tania Tetlow.

In response to students’ on-campus move-in during the COVID-19 pandemic, the university is offering two additional move-in weekends, Sept. 19-20 and Oct. 3-4.

“We want you all to have confidence in the decisions you are making and want to add a potential option for you,” Tetlow said. “If it would help some of you gain confidence to delay your on-campus move for a few weeks, we are happy to facilitate that for you.”

Students who elect to delay their move on-campus would be able to start their classes online or commute if they live near by.

However, those who wish to delay their move are required to fill out the form attached to the student email 24 hours before their scheduled move-in day, Tetlow said.

Students who do not opt for a delayed move-in are expected to return to campus during their allotted time before classes resume on Aug. 24.

According to Tetlow, the university has been working “around the clock” with faculty and staff to ensure a safe and socially distanced student arrival.

“Your health and safety remain our top priority,” Tetlow said. Loyola is looking forward to welcoming back our community. You are the heart and soul of our campus.”