Letter: Loyola dismisses pro-choice beliefs


In this September 2019 file photo, members of student group Lxyno for Sexual Health march up the steps of Marquette Hall. Lxyno for Sexual Health, which is not officially affiliated with Loyola, advocates for access to sexual education and health resources on campus. Photo credit: Michael Bauer

Lucy Foreman

In response to the opinion piece written about Loyola neglecting sexual health, I want to applaud the writer for bringing up a topic that is continuously dismissed by the university. As a senior in my last semester at Loyola, I have seen multiple displays and events on campus supporting pro-life beliefs. I have yet to see any that support pro-choice beliefs.

As a freshman who had just moved across the country to attend a school that was known for social justice, I was shocked to walk across campus one day and be hit with tables, signs and information supporting anti-abortion stances. With no warning whatsoever, Loyola openly allowed students to walk into an environment that some may feel uncomfortable, upset and personally attacked in.

Despite this unexpected and upsetting event a few years ago and the ones I have seen pop up since, I am a strong believer in understanding opposing opinions and allowing space for all people to express their beliefs. I thought Loyola would be the same. Unfortunately, that is not the case when it comes to sexual health, wellness, support and awareness.

After groups formed on campus over the last few years to fight for all sides of sexual wellness to be expressed at Loyola, only one side has ever been allowed the time and space to do so on campus. I am proud to be graduating from Loyola in May but am sad and disappointed to have never seen an open space allowed for every student, not just those with anti-abortion opinions, to feel supported by their university with regards to sexual health.