K Loyal makes splash in local scene


Gabrielle Korein

Loyola urban electric music production junior Kyron “K-Loyal” Adams-Brown sits in the Satchmo’s commuter lounge on January 17th, 2022. Outside of school Adams-Brown works to create a name for himself in the music industry.

Kyron “K Loyal” Adams-Brown moved to New Orleans with dreams of spreading his music and message of absolute authenticity.

Adams-Brown, urban electronic music production junior, has been releasing music and booking shows around New Orleans since enrolling at Loyola in Aug. 2019. Last month, Adams-Brown opened for Tisakorean when the rapper’s tour stopped for a show at Art Klub in St. Roch. Adams-Brown also released his debut project “Kaptain” on all platforms last August.

“K Loyal is the truth and what makes him the truth is how he goes about his music and his business and all his ideas he wants to incorporate into the music industry,” said Adams-Brown about his musical persona. “His imagination, creativity, and versatility are outside of the box and he likes to think and go farther than people tell him to, you can’t tell him no.”

Adams-Brown’s most recent single “SPEAKIN” features bold, aggressive vocals and smooth confidence that have come to define the Boston native’s sound. While he’s spent the last several years primarily making hip-hop music, Adams-Brown said he does not want to confine himself to any one genre going forward.

Adams-Brown said his ultimate goal as an artist is to inspire people of all demographics to live lives of purpose and passion by going after their dreams and making the most out of the time they have on Earth.

Before beginning his musical career, Adams-Brown would write songs and poems as a means of expressing what he was thinking and feeling inside. According to Adams-Brown this early interest in songwriting and poetry contributed to his decision to pursue a career as an artist. 

During his time at Loyola, Adams-Brown has continued to build upon his songwriting background by taking classes in music production and collaborating with other student-musicians on projects outside of the classroom. 

“Loyola has helped me out in so many ways” he said “I have had a handful of mentors at the school that just tell me how to become a better artist, a better person, and just push myself to do more.” 

Adams-Brown said his time at Loyola has also helped him find a like-minded group of friends and colleagues who support him and motivate him to remain focused on his goals. 

“The people around me in terms of family and friends and the people that are always in my circle whenever I’m making music or performing those are the people that really push me and motivate me to keep going,” said Adams-Brown. “A lot of times I do lose confidence in myself and it is so easy to get caught up in everything that goes around in this world but you just have to remember who you are and I feel like my close friends and the people that really love me and care about me remind me of that everyday.” 

Adam-Brown’s close friend, collaborator, and fellow Loyola junior Alvin Hamilton makes up part of the close-knit team behind K Loyal. Hamilton has spent the past several years documenting his friend’s career, collaborating on music with him, and booking him for events and shows. 

“Working with Loyal has been a prize. He is my best friend and a talented artist. He is nice, loyal, no pun intended, and hardworking,” said Hamilton. “In the studio, he is the first person to get there and the last person to leave no matter how late it is.”

Hamilton also said he has been helping Adams-Brown make connections within the industry as well as documenting the artist’s progress. The pair plan on releasing a music video together in the coming months that was shot and edited by Hamiliton. 

Inside the classroom, Adams-Brown has dedicated himself to his craft according to Professor Kate Duncan, associate director of the School of Music Industry and Adams-Brown’s advisor.

Kyron has been a treat to work with because he exemplifies the ‘no excuses’ motto we run in the Hip-Hop and R&B degree – we expect nothing but professional behavior, superior academic performance, and killer music from our students,” Duncan said. “Kyron has always been more than on top of his studies and his academic responsibilities.” 

Adams-Brown and his team are dedicated to pushing the envelope when it comes to the music industry as he continues to progress as an artist. 

“Music has always given me drive and passion. I can always find joy and excitement in it no matter how I’m feeling and that’s why it has stuck with me,” said Adams-Brown.