SGA vice president resigns


Gabrielle Korein

SGA President Deon Wilson and former Vice President Tyler Sanchez pose for a photo days after their win was announced. Sanchez has stepped down as vice president.

Artie Bennett, News Editor

Tyler Sanchez has stepped down as vice president of SGA, effective April 19, according to former SGA Vice President Tyler Sanchez. Sanchez said he stepped down because of dysfunction within SGA and because he felt unappreciated. He said he wants to focus on his mental health and happiness before starting law school in the fall.

Speaker of the Senate and vice presidential candidate Destiny Sanders is serving as interim vice president until election results are announced on May 4.

SGA President Deon Wilson said that no SGA job comes without stress and that she understands Tyler’s decision to resign.

“In his time, Tyler reignited a fire in the legislative branch that cleared a path for many young and new senators to see what Loyola is about, as well as take action for what is right for our institution,” Wilson said. “We in SGA will continue to complete the programming that he and other members of our organization have prepared as we finish out the year.”