OPINION: Greek life is worth it


Abigail Schmidt

Selfie of Greek life members at Delta Gamma Bid Day on February 8, 2022. They are excited to be participating with their fellow students.

Lauren Gill

Greek life is a combination of many fraternities and sororities, and it is an aspect of the college experience that a student can participate in. Fraternities are for men and sororities are for women, and there are some groups that accept both men and women. Many students are either discouraged or misinformed about Greek life when they first come to a university or college. There have been many historical instances that have put Greek life in a negative light and have changed many people’s perspectives on different fraternities and sororities. But there are many great groups out there that are shadowed by these perceptions. It is up to the student to choose which one they feel that they most connect to.

Many people always ask the question “Is Greek life worth it?” My answer would definitely be yes. If you are a college student who has some time and money to contribute to a fraternity or sorority and are looking for a group of people that you can connect with, I would say do it. It is a fun experience, and I can back that up with my experience so far. 

I first joined a group in my freshman year. I was a lost freshman looking for things to join, and I found something that I was interested in, and now, I am a senior, and it is still a big part of my life, and I continue to enjoy my time in it.

I have been able to travel the country for different events that my organization holds, and I have been able to network and connect with people all over the country from different chapters at different universities. Joining Greek life exposes you to a large community of people you are able to connect with. There are many different councils of Greek life such as the National Panhellenic Council, Independent Greek Council, and so much more. A college student has so many options depending on what university they go to.

I am part of an organization in the IGC, and it is a professional business fraternity. Now, this name almost always causes disinterest because there is the word “business” involved. But business is a part of almost everything one would try to pursue in life. Business fraternities also help out a lot with professionalism, resumes, and cover letters. They also help with networking, and this is something that almost everyone in life can use as a skill to succeed in their future endeavors.

Greek life is not what the reputation precedes them to be. Some fraternities and sororities are really great and focus on a number of things that you may be interested in such as service and professionalism. You just have to do your research and join the best one for you. You will be exposed to a great environment and will be able to meet and connect with many different people.