Loyola’s baseball team welcomes a new coach

Kloe Witt, Staff Writer

Loyola Wolf Pack baseball welcomed a new face to the team with assistant coach, Ryan Hanson, this season.

Hanson said he is excited about his position after learning of head baseball coach Jeremiah Kennedy’s success over the last three years.

“We have a really good group that has a foundation with Coach Kennedy, and I just want to be a small piece that helps contribute to that,” Hanson said. “The foundation has been laid. They have a great program. I’m just coming in and filling in the role that they need.”

Ryan Hanson has had an extensive coaching career all over the United States, from Massachusetts to Alaska. He played professionally for several years with a short halt for injury before receiving his masters in coaching and continuing his career at Loyola.

Last season, the baseball team ranked 23rd in the college world series, almost making it to the playoffs. Although winning would be a great goal for the team to achieve, Hanson said it isn’t the most important thing for him this year.

“The cliche is, we wanna go and win a college world series,” he said. “But my job and my goal is to help them reach their own levels of personal success, to maximize their potential and make them feel good about themselves whenever they step on the field.”

Becoming a part of a team that already has a strong foundation isn’t easy, Hanson said, but he added that the baseball team is filled with good players who have been quick to make him feel welcome.

“They’re just good human beings and good people, and they’re accountable, responsible, and respectful. They made me feel like a part of the team immediately, and that’s probably our biggest strength,” Hanson said.

As the season progresses, Hanson said he is hoping he will be the last piece the team needs to reach their ultimate goal of going to the world series.

“It’s just easy for me to come in and be a small puzzle piece to help somehow,” he said.