Nursing program gains new simulation lab


Monica Basillo

A medical dummy lays on a bed in Loyola’s new simulations lab on Nov. 1. Nursing students at Loyola now have access to these state of the art medical dummies, and the entire lab, in order to better prepare for their future careers.

Ashley Jean-Louis, Staff Writer

Loyola and Ochsner have created a new state-of-the-art simulations lab for nursing students on campus this semester after two years of planning, according to Dr. Cherie Burke, department head of the School of Nursing.

The lab opened in August of 2022, at the start of the fall semester, Burke said. Since it opened, sophomore and junior nursing students have been able to use the simulation lab to practice clinicals. Clinicals are where nurses work with patients while being supervised, according to Burke.

The new lab will be accessible for nursing students unlike the years before. Last year, when the simulation lab was at Ochsner, the nursing students would use the simulation lab for four hours a week. This year, the juniors are utilizing the space in eight-hour days for eight weeks, Burke said.

Grace LaLomia, a junior nursing student at Loyola, said she is glad to see the new addition to the program.

“I think it will help everyone grow. It is a great resource to have right here on campus,” LaLomia said.

The simulation lab is equipped with new medical tools such as high and low fidelity mannequins that have pulses. Before working in clinicals with real patients, nursing students are now able to get experience with these tools, according to Burke.

The $1.9 million simulation lab will be a great recruitment tool for the nursing department, according to Burke, since most nursing programs have a simulation lab on campus.

Loyola’s new lab will “elevate Loyola to that next level with our competitors,” Burke said.

“We are like kids at Christmas everytime we go over there,” She added.