Loyola students protest outside Danna Center


Maleigh Crespo

Loyola’s Young Democratic Socialists of America chapter president Carson Cruse leading students in protest of Florida Bill 999 outside of the Danna Center. Florida’s 999 bill limits diversity, equity, and inclusion education in higher education.

Maleigh Crespo, Design Chief

Loyola’s chapter of Young Democratic Socialists of America in partnership with the Nola Youth Action Network held a peaceful protest outside of the Danna Center on March 28.

The organization was protesting Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’s House Bill 999, which prohibits state college funding and backing for courses and activities related to diversity, equity, and inclusion. The bill also specifically prohibits or severely limits Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion offices, as well as gender, queer, and racial studies, and prohibits the use of critical race theory in hiring.

The bill stated that these courses and activities are “based on unproven, theoretical, or exploratory content.”

Students were also standing in support of the “Tampa four,” which are the four students arrested on felony charges at University of South Florida for protesting the same bill.

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