Watch and Stream: Mar. 31

Ella Michna, Assistant Reviews Editor

As the New Orleans heat returns, let’s stay inside and refresh ourselves with the latest movies and TV.

Yellowjackets: Season 2

Courtesy of IMDb

This Emmy-nominated thriller was immediately renewed for a second season where we will continue the narrative’s two timelines. In 1996, four teenage girls were stranded in the wilderness for 19 months. 25 years later, their adult selves face the aftermath of what went down. As stated in the teaser, “Kidnapping, cults, death,” their friendship is “a little more complicated than most.”

“Yellowjackets: Season 2” is available on Showtime.


The Five Devils

Courtesy of IMDb

Not sight, not sound, but smell takes the premise in this French movie. Vicky has an acute sense of smell and the ability to recreate and store any scent. She uses this power to uncover the past of her aunt, who was recently released from prison, leading her down a path that reveals a dark family history.

“The Five Devils” is now playing in theaters.


John Wick: Chapter 4

Courtesy of Lionsgate

The fourth movie in the John Wick franchise is finally out. In this action thriller, former hitman John Wick (Keanu Reeves) continues his world travels to take down a corrupt underground society called The High Table.

“John Wick: Chapter 4” is now playing in theaters.


A Good Person

Courtesy of Fandango

In the midst of her struggle with opioid addiction, Allison forms an unlikely friendship with Daniel (Morgan Freeman), and they begin to heal their shared trauma. A story about how life, even in its darkest moments, can come back to light again.

“A Good Person” is now now playing in theaters.


Succession: Season 4

Courtesy of TV Fanatic

When the patriarchal head of a media conglomerate is nearing his death, an interfamilial battle decides who will take his spot. The final season of “Succession” continues to prompt the question of which is thicker: blood, or money?

“Succession: Season 4” is now streaming on HBO Max.


The Power

Courtesy of IMDb

Based on a feminist novel of the same name, “The Power”, imagines a world where all teenage girls have the ability to electrocute. What will happen when a demographic that is historically subjected to scrutinizing authority and the male gaze is suddenly put at the top of the food chain?

“The Power” is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video.