Letter to the Editor: Constitution will bring more efficiency

The New Constitution: Good or Bad?

The Student Government Association

We, as an organization, have realized that because of our structure we have become increasingly ineffective. After speaking with student government officers from our peer institutions and fellow Jesuit colleges and universities, we decided that redesigning how our organization operates would be the most effective way to increase efficiency. This is why we have voted to adopt major amendments to the constitution.

Essentially, we have strictly delineated the roles that each of the branches of SGA (executive, legislative, and judicial) plays. That being said, we have restructured our branches to reflect the changes we’ve made to these roles. By thinning out the legislative and judicial branches, we hope to ensure that they will be more effective. Less people in these branches will leave the remaining seats with more responsibility. With this added responsibility and more strictly enforced rules, we hope to streamline the efforts of these branches to make them more productive.

By adding responsibility to these branches we can ensure a stable group of people in the organization in order to more efficiently gauge and attend to student needs. This doesn’t mean that SGA will be smaller. In fact, if you look at the numbers, we will actually grow in size. This larger SGA will just be divided more efficiently through programs like the new Associate program. This program will essentially lower the bar of entry for our organization and open it up for more people to get involved. The Associate program will allow people to get their foot in the door within SGA by teaching each participant how the organization operates as a whole and show them their options to get further involved.

We hope that this will breed an effective and educated group of individuals who will help to further the mission of SGA. The way our organization is currently organized leaves little room for people to get involved in anything but the Senate. By adding this new program, anyone and everyone who is interested can join, and in doing so we will create a more diverse group of students to help us in our quest of bettering student life at Loyola.


The Student Government Association

Loyola University New Orleans