EDITORIAL: An inconvienient break results in a lack of motivation

AT ISSUE: Easter break timing increases stress on students, especially with finals following

Maroon Editorial Board

Lethargy, a lack of focus and laziness have been common among students this week. Even though finals and graduation are days away, the Easter break interrupted the drive needed to continue.

Easter is one of the few times during the school year that students have the opportunity to spend an extended amount of time with family, but being so late in the semester has created more of a strain on students than usual.

Many classes have large projects due before exams, which force students to work during the break. However, since a break is meant for relaxation, projects are hard to get done.

These time constraints severely limit both students and professors alike.

Although the university has little control over when Easter falls, it can try to schedule around the inconveience. For instance, rather than having an entire week off, we could have had an extended weekend, with Good Friday and the Monday following Easter off, and have finished classes a week earlier.

Though the graduation time may have a played a factor in the exam schedule, the administration should keep in mind that the period before exams can be difficult enough without the added stress of large projects.

Students can look forward to next year, however, when Easter break will fall at the beginning of April.