Letter to the Editor: Alumni: Student’s opinion column was misguided


To the Editors:

We were considerably dismayed by reading the article printed in a recent issue of The Maroon. The author of the article, a self-described pro-choice, makes a number of noteworthy comments in expressing her opinions about feminism. Surely, we have many miles to go in this country to erase the last remnants of female discrimination, and feminism generally points us in that direction.

However, her opinions defending feminism tacitly condone pre-marital sex and explicitly condones abortion. Admittedly, the article appeared as a student opinion piece. We do not fault the young lady who wrote the article. She is certainly entitled to her opinions and values, as are all Loyola students. We do, nonetheless, fault the editors of the paper who made the decision to print it. If The Maroon poses itself as the official voice of a student body in a Catholic university, should it have published an article, which espouses a student opinion which is diametrically opposed to the teaching of the church? We think not! Growls to The Maroon!


Felix and Beth Gaudin A’54