Letter to the Editor: Krewe leader experience is rewarding

Hoda Essa

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As a commuter, I’m always looking for my niche here on campus. I tried a variety of organizations and they just didn’t quite fit. I remember walking into my orientation and seeing a group of 10 students with bright yellow shirts that matched the hue of the sun, coupled with enough energy to put its shine to shame. From the second I walked in and was greeted by those happy souls, I wondered who they were. I asked and was directed to Heather Roundtree, director of co-curricular programs, who told me I could apply to join their number once the semester started.

Fast-forward a couple of months, and I found myself submitting my application to be an orientation leader and could not have been more excited. During training, I collaborated with students from all walks of life that I would not have met had I not been a krewe leader. Now, during the actual orientation, it’s an entirely different can of worms! Imagine doing your favorite things in the world – talking, socializing and meeting new people, all while getting paid!

For me, it was a match made in heaven. I found who I was as a student leader from my year as a krewe leader, so much so that I decided to apply for the position of new student orientation coordinator and had the wonderful opportunity to work alongside the Office of Co-Curricular Programs staff and the amazing Margaret Vienne, my fellow student. It was truly a wonderful year, from advertising the position of krewe leader to planning training sessions – I’d do it all again.

So if someone was to ask me, “Hoda, why should I be a krewe leader?” It wouldn’t be a tough question to answer. Not only do you get to flex your leadership abilities and wear a variety of awesome shirts all through June, and not only are you paid and allowed housing during orientation, but you also get the chance to represent the Loyola community. As Jenna Vercillo, my amazing supervisor always says, “Krewe leaders are the front line of Loyola,” and she could not have be more correct.

As an orientation leader, you mold the first year experience. Granted, not everyone’s orientation is a reflection of how his or her years at Loyola will be, but there is a lot of potential there that mustn’t be wasted, and a krewe leader must understand this. New students are usually a fun and vivacious group who are waiting to form their opinion about Loyola, and I want to be a part of that.

So, I guess to answer my own question about why you should apply to be a krewe leader, it is to give back to the Loyola community which gives us so much as student leaders. Applications for applying to be a krewe leader are due in the Office of Co-Curricular Programs Oct. 26, 2012 at noon and can be found at http://studentaffairs.loyno.edu/orientation.


Hoda Essa, English writing sophomore


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