Letter to the Editor: More change needed outside of allocations


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As president of the Loyola Economics Club I recently attended the President’s meeting to discuss SGA allocations. I was pleasantly surprised to hear from Logan McCabe, 
SGA’s vice president of finance, about how the allocation process has been reformed and
 improved. The goal is to use SGA funds more effectively and enable clubs to produce
 better and more numerous events on campus, a goal I personally agree with and

Nevertheless, allocations are but one process in the system through which on-campus events are held. While I applaud SGA’s goal, not all parts of the system are 
aligned behind it. The process in this system that I find most lacking is on-campus 
advertising of events.

As the leader of an organization that promotes itself on campus, I
 have found the guidelines are unclear, and that the enforcement is sporadic and 
inconsistently adhered to. To further bureaucratize the process, now organizations
 wishing to advertise in the dorms have to depend on the Res Life staff to first approve and then distribute their posters, which will have a lag time of up to one week.

In order for SGA’s vision of bountiful, awesome, on-campus events to be realized, all processes in the system need to be aligned behind this goal. The current 
system is not.

Having a bureaucratic, non-value adding system only detracts from 
the ability of student organizations to enhance campus life. I argue that this system
 needs to be streamlined, clarified and minimized, so that those trying to promote 
events on campus can do so easily. The Econ Club Executive Board and I are willing 
to work with any and all necessary parties to achieve this task.


Matthew Portnoy

President, Economics club

Economics senior


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