Saints season ticket holders remain faithful

Lauren Saizan

Season ticket holders for the Saints have not always remained faithful when the going got tough, but Michael Pearson, sports marketing professor, said there is a chance that this trend could turn around.

Pearson said that attendance for Saints ticket holders has been low before, like during the 1980 season when the Saints were 1-15.

“There is definitely a winning elasticity in fan behavior.  The more you win, the more people come to the games,” Pearson said.

Still, Pearson hopes that this trend will change, as the influx of support for the Saints has grown over time.

“I would hope that a long period of winning by the Saints and a special small market attitude about supporting our team in good times and bad would keep our stadium full,” Pearson said.

Walter Baudier, 27-year season ticket holder and civil engineer, remembered a time when people could not get rid of their tickets.

“What happened in the past was that attendance dropped dramatically as the Saints weren’t really a winning team. It was disappointing,” Baudier said.

Being a season ticket holder back then up until today, Baudier said he will continue to go to the games despite the rough start to the season.

Rhonda Goode-Douglas, 12-year season ticket holder and assistant district attorney, said that she will continue to go to the games even if the Saints continue to lose.

“I don’t think that attendance will be affected like it was in the 1980s. The games are sold out, and people still get excited about them even with the rocky start. People may leave a little earlier, but I think Saints fans will still support the team,” Goode-Douglas said.

Even with a lack of wins, Pearson said attendance at games is likely to be high for a while because of the long waiting list for season tickets.

“People would be willing to jump at the chance to buy. It would take a long string of losing seasons to start seeing empty seats,” Pearson said.