Old Library at Loyola begins to come down


As part of the University’s Master Plan, the university is moving forward with the demolition of the Old Library to prepare for the anticipated construction of the new Tom Benson Jesuit Center.

According to a prepared statement, university officials say that this demolition of the Old Library fulfills another a commitment that major construction activities would be finished this summer.

Some historical elements, as well as some of the exterior stone, have been removed from the Old Library and stored to be included in the new Tom Benson Jesuit Center building design and construction.

The university will suspend demolition activities during final exams, the first week of May.  After May 7, the remaining portions of the Old Library
will be demolished and the debris will be hauled off.  Over the summer, related infrastructure work will be completed, so that by the beginning of
the fall semester, the Old Library site will have been transformed to green space, with walkways to the new Monroe Hall and Palm Court.

The final site transformation will include the construction yard behind Monroe Hall, so that the entire area becomes one large green space, with
the main entrance to Monroe Hall visible and accessible as designed.

Footage from the School of Mass Communication Drone:

Old Library Drone 4 from Loyola Maroon on Vimeo.


Old Library: Drone 3 from Loyola Maroon on Vimeo.