Loyola tennis team reflects on season

Kameron Hay

Loyola’s tennis teams are wrapping up a progressive season, according to Head Coach Kyle Russell.

The team fell behind in the beginning of their season as Russell, a first year coach, arrived to the program.

“I don’t know that a coach is ever completely satisfied, but I am pleased with our progress,” Russell said.

Russell said that throughout the season his team has been able to lean on Meghan DeBaroncelli, biology senior, for her leadership and guidance toward the younger players.

“Meghan’s leadership is by example. I will have a hard time replacing her next season because what she brings is truly irreplaceable,” Russell said.

DeBaroncelli said that even though it has been a trying season for the tennis program, wins and losses are not indicative of the team they have.

“The team has practiced hard, gotten better and gained a lot of confidence,”  DeBaroncelli said.

With this being her last season,  DeBaroncelli said that she has laid a solid foundation going forward for the tennis program.

Anthony Zaleski, biology freshman, said that personal growth as well as bettering his game have been his two biggest accomplishments this season.

“I have learned to better control my emotions on the court, realizing this is not an individual sport but a team sport. College tennis is a team sport with individual sections,” Zaleski said.

Going into the next season, Zaleski said he knows he needs to work on his game and improve in certain aspects.

“This summer I am especially going to work on my volleys and serves, but truly every day I am looking to become a more complete tennis player,” Zaleski said.

Russell said he has a strong feeling that next season will be a much smoother ride and a better season for the tennis program.

“I know what to expect, and the players know what to expect now that they have a feel for the school’s expectations as well as mine,” Russell said.