Caribbean culture will be celebrated during Mass

Zayn Abidin

UPDATED on 9-28-15

The University Ministry will be organizing a celebratory Mass called the Caribbean Mass on Oct. 4.

According to Ken Weber, university minister for liturgy and music, the Mass is celebrated in recognition of the people of the Caribbean.

“Especially those living in poverty in Jamaica and Belize, where our Ignacio Volunteers have been visiting to volunteer each winter and summer for years,” Weber said.

Weber added that the Mass will feature Caribbean music, including Bob Marley’s songs that express messages consistent with the Gospel of Jesus. It will also have Jamaican food from Boswell’s Jamaican Restaurant located on Tulane Ave. and a prayer in Garifuna, a native language spoken in Belize.

It will take place at the Ignatius Chapel on Tuesday, Oct. 4 at 9 p.m.