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Graduating students purchase class rings

Although the Ring Ceremony is not until later this semester, over 80 students have already purchased class rings to celebrate their graduation and years spent at Loyola.

Courtney Williams, associate director of student involvement, is in charge of ring distribution at Loyola. He encourages students to purchase rings to carry on Loyola’s Jesuit tradition.

“The University Ring Collection is rich in symbolism, tradition and memories. It is reflective of some of the most important qualities Loyola students value in their Catholic, Jesuit education: academic excellence and a rich Jesuit tradition,” Williams said.

The class rings are made by a Metairie-based collegiate retail company, Balfour.

The most popular ring among students is the Marquette Ring, which starts at $480. This gold-plated stone ring is engraved with letters and holds a synthetic ruby gemstone in its center.

Ashleigh Castin, accounting senior, said that she purchased a class ring because of what it symbolizes to her.

“I bought a class ring because I am the first in my family to graduate from college. To me, the ring symbolizes a huge accomplishment, and wearing it reminds me of how hard I worked to get where I am today,” Castin said.

Tiffany R. D’Souza, graphic design junior, said that the cost of the ring is mainly why she plans on not purchasing one.

“I’m mainly not purchasing a ring because, while it is an amazing commemoration to the school, I would rather spend my $600 or so on rent, saving for a car or paying off my student debt. A piece of jewelry isn’t why I came to college, it was a degree that I can proudly hang on my wall,” D’Souza said.

Nicole Evans, African and African American studies senior, said that she’s not buying a class ring and that it’s not just because of the price.

“I definitely can’t afford a class ring and I don’t care enough to save. I’m also disappointed in many of the things Loyola has been doing lately,” Evans said.

Despite the price, Andrea Dousdebes, biological sciences senior, said that she is looking forward to getting her ring.

“I originally wasn’t going to buy a ring, but it was worth the price. It’ll be nice way to remember and look back on the past,” Dousdebes said.

Williams said that he agrees with Dousdebes.

“Your class ring represents your collegiate experience and years of memories that you’ll reflect upon for a lifetime. I enjoy wearing my class ring each day and thinking about all of the wonderful experiences I had in college,” Williams said.

Lauren Saizan contributed to this article.

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