Golf team’s preparation for spring season is in full swing


Osama Ayyad

Members of the Wolf Pack Golf Team play a practice match January 24, 2017, at the Audubon Park New Orleans, Louisiana, for practice. Drew Goff,team head coach, said he had a talented team to work with, and he looks forward to helping them fulfilling their potential. Photo by Osama Ayyad

Jc Canicosa

With the Southern States Athletic Conference Championship in mind, the golf team has set lofty but attainable goals for this upcoming season.

Daria Delfino, business sophomore, said the team strives to improve in their rankings to qualify for the conference championships.

“We want move up in ranks and make the conference championship this season. Our positioning is really good going into this season despite being in one of the toughest conferences in the country,” Delfino said.

Drew Goff, head coach, hopes the team can build off of their productive fall season and carry it to this spring.

“Both the men’s and women’s teams climbed the ranking as both really played better and better with each event. I think it just took a while for most everyone to get in tournament mode,” Goff said.

The team had gone through a coaching change before this season, and players are still adjusting to a different coaching style under Goff.

Goff has emphasized an improvement to the team’s short game and tough areas in practices and making sure the team stays focused.

Anne Carrie Swoope, music industry studies freshman, appreciates Goff’s attention to details in
his coaching.

“Coach Goff has brought in new aspects to how we look at the game. He’s teaching us how we can improve every time we come out and has brought a focus into practices that we didn’t have before,” said Swoope.

Goff has also been a reliable mentor for the team, according to Jack Dickson, business management freshman.

“Coach Goff helps us out whenever we need it, whether it’s school or golf or life. You can talk to him whenever you need to. He’s always there to help,” Dickson said.

With winning the conference championships as the ultimate goal for the season, Goff feels the team has a great shot and it’s all about putting in the work between now and April.

“We’ve played the conference championships course before, so we know what kind of course it is and how to attack it. Now it’s just about practicing with purpose, each player working on their weaknesses and just sharpening their short games as much as they can between now and then,” Goff said.

Though the team feels they’re in a great position to win now, they also feel that the sky’s the limit for the team’s future.

“This team is just the start of what we can do. We’re a great team and really looking to put ourselves in a great position for the future,” Delfino said.