Ask the Pack: Invent a class


Katelyn Fecteau

Ask the Pack is a weekly question posed to the Loyola community. This week, we asked students: If you could invent a class to take at Loyola, what would it be?

Raven Evans, senior music industries studies


“Do a class on adulting. There are certain aspects of adulting that I don’t understand, and I need to be taught about that.”

Laura Koessler, sophomore business management


“I would like a class that would focus on how to do taxes!”

Dylan Tran, senior music with elective studies


“A music business class, for non-music industry majors.”

Bryant Istre, junior political science


If I were to add a course at Loyola it would be a course involving more practical experience, maybe some sort of work in the community that would involve politics and bringing the community to classes at Loyola.”

Richard Simmerman, freshman political science


I would really ask for a Louisiana politics class, because I think it’s really important especially for the political climate here.”