Ask the Pack: Lent


Photo credit: Hayley Hynes

Katelyn Fecteau

Ask the Pack is a weekly question posed to the Loyola community. This week, we asked students: What could you never give up for Lent?

Sofia Lines, criminology freshman


“Mac and cheese, because I gave it up last year, and that was a big mistake. It’s part of, like, what I eat, because it’s me.”

Megan Bourg, management and marketing senior


“There’s nothing I wouldn’t give up for Lent.”

Kori Doran, graphic design sophomore

Kori Doran_RGB_WEB.jpg

“Painting, doodling, art.”

Emma Logan, psychology sophomore

Emma Logan_RGB_WEB.jpg

“I could definitely not give up talking.”

Bri Daniel-Harkins, history pre-law and classics junior


“I actually don’t give anything up for Lent, that feels like very negative to me. I know it’s a time of fasting so instead, I make sacrifices by taking up a new, healthy habit—like eating better or going to the gym more. Just doing something to better my every day rather than giving something up.”

Deirdre Crean, music industry senior


“I don’t think I could ever give up TV for Lent—I’ve tried before, but it’s just how I relax.”