Ask the Pack: Professors


Katelyn Fecteau

Ask the Pack is a weekly question posed to Loyola University. This week, we asked the community: What’s the best thing a professor has ever said to you?

Vitoria Freitas, mass communication junior

WEB_Victoria Freitas.jpg

“The best thing a professor said to me is that, ‘There’s no such thing as perfection, because we live in a world of opinion.'”

Raine Faulk, music therapy and psychology sophomore

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“The best thing a professor has ever said to me was, ‘If you ever need someone to talk to, you can come to my office at any time.'”

Lisa Collins, visiting Professor


“When I was an undergraduate student, a professor told me that I should look into being a TV news producer, and that totally changed my career track. I thought I wanted to be on camera, but they gave me the encouragement to look into a totally different career and that has lead me to a successful TV news career and now to Loyola.”

Megan Bourg, management and marketing senior

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“‘You’re gonna do great things, kid!'”

Nikita Milton, assistant director for campus events

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“(To) make sure I make copies of my syllabus.”