Editorial: Top Ten Maroon Stories


Jacob Meyer

The Loyola sign outside of Marquette Hall on st. Charles. Photo credit: Jacob Meyer

We saw a lot of news come through campus this year. We’ve seen a lot of people come and go and said a lot of goodbyes. Our year has come to a close, but we’re more optimistic for the future than ever.

So here’s to next year. Here’s to getting deadlines in on time. Here’s to leaving press night in time for wine wednesday at Bruno’s. Here’s to breaking the story first. We’re sad to see our fantastic staff leave. But we’re excited to see what the new staff can do. The crew may have changed, but this ship isn’t sinking anytime soon. So without further ado, here’s our top ten articles of the school year.


Borofsky resigns as interim provost and chief operating officer

We watched Maroon advocate and President Provost David Borofsky unexpectedly sail away from us this year.


Women’s basketball team bows out of the NAIA Championship

We followed the Women’s Basketball team complete their record tying 25 win season this year.


JC does sports: Boxing

JC’s award winning column had him try out the different sports that Loyola had to offer. Our personal favorite had him squaring off with Loyola’s toughest in the ring.


New Orleans to DC for Womens March

The Maroon followed the women’s march downtown which saw over 5,000 people, including Mayor-elect LaToya Cantrell, march for women’s rights.


Climate survey results released

We reported the results of the Campus Climate Survey, revealing the shocking insight that nearly two thirds of the faculty and staff at Loyola have considered jumping off of the “sinking ship” and leaving the school.


Florida high school shooting sparks concerns about campus violence

We covered the Parkland school shooting and the ensuing concerns over gun violence that were sparked in its wake.


Loyola put students on administrative withdrawal

We reported on the administrations controversial decision to put students on academic withdrawal for not paying their dues in time.


Two-year Phi Psi suspension upheld after appeal

We saw Loyola’s chapter of Phi Kappa Psi begin their two year suspension in response to reports of hazing happening within the fraternity.


Opinion: You and Trump supporters want the same thing

Our senior staff writer wrote an opinion piece about uniting together in the wake of what’s been called the most divided generation.


Opinion: Let’s talk about our squirrels

Loyola’s furry friends got their very own spotlight when we highlighted the surprising dangers that the campus life can have on the critters.