BREAKING: Most of Greek life placed under social probation


Riley Katz, Editor-in-Chief

(Updated: Jan. 15, 2019 at 11:54 a.m.)

Loyola’s Greek life is facing social probation on most of their fraternities and sororities.

With this probation, Loyola’s Greek life organizations are losing their social standing. This means that they are no longer allowed to hold alcohol-related events, formals or socials, and potentially participating in the air band during Greek Week.

The reason stated for the probation is eight Greek organizations’ failure to adhere to the Standards of Excellence, a measuring assessment that evaluates Greek organizations on a variety of categories. Those categories are academics, chapter management, membership development, community involvement and overall evaluation. Each of the organizations is rated to be one of four distinctions: gold, silver, bronze and needs improvement. The organizations placed on probation were initially ranked as “needs improvement.”

According to Patricia Murret, associate direct for public affairs at Loyola New Orleans, the groups placed on probation provided incomplete or inaccurate paperwork at the end of last semester regarding the Standards of Excellence.

She added that organizations under social probation can continue philanthropic events, approved community service projects, study groups and academic activities.

This initial score can be appealed by each organization until Jan. 31, and some of the organizations placed on probation plan to do so. In addition to filing an appeal, the groups must submit new and complete paperwork, according to Murret.

The only groups spared from this probation are sororities Alpha Kappa Alpha and Theta Phi Alpha.

This is a developing story. More information will be posted here as it is confirmed.