Broken St. Charles traffic light causes frustration


The stop sign placed at the crossroad of Nashville Avenue and St. Charles Avenue. The malfunctioning light has turned the streetlight to a four-way stop sign. Photo credit: Michael Bauer

Sophie Whitehead

A traffic light at the intersection of St. Charles Avenue and Nashville Avenue has been out for over a month, creating an inconvenience for New Orleans residents.

The traffic light has been blinking red, forcing drivers to partake in a four-way stop at the intersection. Stop signs were put in to help direct traffic, but the light has yet to be fixed by the city of New Orleans.

Repairs began Feb. 1 with visible work having started Feb. 3, meaning workers were out at the location working on the issue, according to Mayor LaToya Cantrell’s Office of Communications.

The repairs to the traffic light involve the removal of the light cabinet and its foundation. Workers have to dig underground in order to complete the restoration process, according to the Mayor’s Office of Communications.

The yet-to-be-fixed streetlight has caused problems for many of Loyola’s commuter students that are taking St. Charles Avenue to get to school.

Liam FitzPatrick, music industry studies junior, has been dealing with this issue since returning to New Orleans after Winter break.

“That intersection is part of my daily commute, and the broken light has made it a little more difficult getting to school on time,” said FitzPatrick.

FitzPatrick has not reached out to get the problem fixed, but he is concerned that the light has been out for as long as it has.

Brenna Gilliam, criminology and justice senior, also finds the broken streetlight to be an inconvenience to her daily life.

“My best friend lives on the opposite side of Loyola from me, so it’s a nuisance to have to stop and wait at that light for a long time,” said Gilliam.

Sarah Jones, psychology junior, babysits for a local family after school and said it sometimes takes at least 5 minutes just to get past the light.

“That may not seem like a lot of time, but during times that schools get out, there is more traffic on St. Charles and cars get backed up,” said Jones.

According to the Mayor’s Office of Communications, the traffic light is expected to be fixed by mid-February.