Plates Fly, as Loyola students pie their professors for a cause


Gabriela Carballo

Walter Block, economics professor, recieves a plate of shaving cream to the face on Feb. 26. The pieing was part of a University Honors Association event that asked students to donate $1 to the Gulf Restoration Network in exchange for pieing a participating professor.

Khayla Gaston

On Tuesday Feb. 26, the University Honors Association held a Pie a Professor event in the Peace Quad. Participants were asked to donate $1 to throw plates of whipped or shaving cream at a professor. The funds collected were donated to the Gulf Restoration Network as part of the honors association’s service month.

The faculty members that participated were Bob Thomas, Aimée Thomas, Joseph Berendzen, Craig Hood, Tirthabir Biswas, Alice Kornovich, Edouard Crago, Walter Block the Rev. Edward Vacek, S.J. The students who helped throughout the event included Ariel Hall and Rachel Ramos.

Aimée Thomas, a biology professor and Associate Director of the Honors Association said that the mission of the event drew her to participate.

“We’re raising money today for the Healthy Gulf Organization that is providing environmental efforts in our Gulf Coast region were trying to help raise awareness about environmental issues and raise money to help them,” Aimée Thomas said.

Ariel Hall, service coordinator for the University Honors Association, helped organize the event which was the third event this year that supported gulf restoration.

“The Honors Association really likes their mission because they bring together people from every side of the spectrum to find a practical solution for the people of Louisiana. It’s very important to us and were excited to be having this,” Hall said.

Vacek said that while the event may be an unconventional form of service, he was happy to participate.

“I am committed as a Jesuit and as a member of Loyola to help the environment. It’s a long tradition of Jesuits to do some strange things to help people. This is part of the Jesuit tradition to be willingly humble for the sake of good causes,” Vacek said.

When asked about the experience, Crago’s only words laughingly were, “I am covered in shaving cream.”