Top Apps for College Students


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Alexis Caillet

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a very useful resource for any student, even college-level students. The best part is that it is completely free! This app provides students with a large selection of helpful resources. Once you’ve created a free account, you have access to videos and practice problems from a wide variety of subjects. Some of these subjects include biology, chemistry, history, math and more. A lot of students benefit from watching videos on the subjects that may be giving them difficulties, and the videos can help explain things in a different way. Then, you have the opportunity to apply that new and improved knowledge to a vast array of practice problems. Sometimes it can be difficult to understand material right away. Khan Academy provides students with an opportunity to better understand what they are learning through an online platform of endless resources and tools.

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Google Apps

There are many useful Google applications that can be helpful and useful to college students. Some of these include Google Calendar, Google Drive and Google Docs. Most college students rely heavily on technology. This is why Google Calendar is perfect for the tech savvy people. If writing tests/deadlines/meetings in a planner is not efficient or effective for you, Google Calendar may be a better alternative. This allows you to enter homework assignments, deadlines, meetings and more into a neat online calendar. You also have access to color coding your calendar to make it unique to you. Google Drive is useful for saving any assignment, or file that may need saving. Anything created on a Google app will be saved to the Google Drive in case it gets lost in other places. Google Drive also allows you to share documents with other Google users just by typing in the email of the person that will be receiving it. Google Docs is extremely safe and efficient because when writing an essay or any work in Google Docs it automatically saves your work as you are typing. No need to press file, save as or pull out a flash drive! It is very similar to Word. It all just depends on personal preference! All Google apps are very useful for students. You do not have to create separate accounts for each app which is much more efficient. Every app can also be opened using one email address!

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Quizlet is another exceptionally useful app. If taking notes on a computer is a better method for you, then quizlet may also be an effective app for you. Quizlet allows you to create study sets. It is basically digital flashcards where you can enter the term or question on one side and then the definition or answer on the other side. You can organize these study sets into folders and create individual folders for each class. Once your study set is completed, you can create a variety of tests using the sets you’ve created. This is a great and fun way to test your knowledge without the hassle of having to write excessive amounts of flashcards! This app is also another personal preference app, but using a variety of methods for studying can be beneficial for most students!

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Venmo has become very popular for most people, but has also become a useful tool for college students. Most of the time we find ourselves without cash on us, or even without our debit cards. Maybe we need to pay someone back for the food they bought us the other day or maybe there’s a t-shirt table set up on campus, and you really want to buy one but forgot your money. Venmo makes this process so much easier. Basically, students can connect their bank account and card to the Venmo app, and this gives them the ability to send any dollar amount to a fellow Venmo user by simply typing in their username. It only takes about one minute! We college students can be extremely busy, and often forget things such as money when running out of the door to get to class on time! Most of the time, we never forget our phones, which is why Venmo is extremely beneficial!

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My Fitness Pal

My Fitness Pal is an excellent fitness and health app. Even if fitness is not your thing, it still has a lot of other great uses besides tracking workouts. This app allows you to track what you eat every day, along with counting the amount of calories consumed. There is a unique scanner on the app where you can scan barcodes of all of the foods you have eaten in a day. For example, let’s say you had two slices of wheat toast for breakfast. You can scan the barcode on the bag of bread, and it will automatically be registered in the app. If each slice was 45 calories, you can tell the app you ate two slices, therefore 90 calories. You can also track water intake throughout the day as well. When creating an account, you can enter your current weight and goal weight, and the app will tell you the suggested amount of calories you should eat per day. Sometimes it can be difficult to track calories, but the scanner offers a much simpler way to track calories throughout the day. Living a healthy lifestyle can be hard in college, but there are great health apps out there to keep us on track.

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This app allows you to connect your bank account to the app and it shows you month by month how well you did with budgeting and spending that month. College is the time when most people are getting jobs and trying to build their savings up. The app also makes suggestions on how to manage your money based on areas it sees you are overspending. The app puts spendings into categories such as gas, fast food, restaurants, groceries and clothing. Each category has a certain budget for the month so you are able to see how well you do each month.

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