Usher, Tim Tebow and college football players volunteer in New Orleans East


Usher and Tim Tebow pose ahead of their volunteer work at Einstein Charter on December 31, 2019. Photo credit: Rhon Ridgeway

Andres Fuentes

Ahead of New Year’s and Sugar Bowl celebrations, a select number of college football players spent their off time to give back to New Orleans.

The 2019 Allstate Goodworks Team visited Einstein Charter school to help finish up renovations to their gym, tennis courts, garden and weight room. Grammy award-winning artist Usher and two-time national college champion Tim Tebow rolled up their sleeves and joined the crowd of volunteers.

The special guests were happy to help a school that recently improved its “F” score ranking to a “B”. Both stressed the importance of supporting local schools in underprivileged communities.

“Appreciate your faculty, teachers and principles,” Usher said. “In America, public school teachers and charter school teachers are under appreciated. I want to continue to encourage them, to thank them. They are really shaping the minds of the young men and women who lead these schools and go out to lead the world.”

Volunteer work is nothing strange to Tebow, who has been doing charity work with Allstate for a decade now. The Heisman trophy winner enjoys collaborating with generous collegiate athletes, and likes seeing the impact of their work.

Tebow said, “It’s one thing to go through the motions and build. It’s another thing to go back and see it actually being played with, or used, or helped.”

Tebow, an Allstate Good Works Team alum while he played quarterback for the University of Florida, enjoyed seeing service leaders come together on New Year’s Eve to close out 2019 on a charitable note.