Deaux space reopens as a community kitchen


Zia Sampson

Psychology sophomore Kylie Evans (left), music industry sophomore Siobhan Randall (middle) and environmental science sophomore Zarya Curran (right) cook in the Carrollton Lounge & Kitchen. The newly opened student space has taken the place of Deaux.

Daniel Schwalm

This semester, Loyola has reopened the room off of the Carrollton Turnaround that was formerly Deaux.

Now known as the Carrollton lounge and kitchen, the space will serve as a place for students to study, cook, and socialize.

Students had been surveyed in the past about what other dining options they would like to see replace Deaux, but the only food options planned for the space, at least for now, are vending machines.

Director of Residential Life Amy Boyle said that the Carrollton lounge and kitchen was an attempt to make the best of a space that was suddenly unused after Sodexo decided to discontinue Deaux.

“It was Sodexo’s decision,” Boyle said, “When we realized that Deaux was not going to be returning and that Sodexo wouldn’t be adding a different concept here, my biggest fear was that it would sit empty.”

Last semester was not the first time that the space had been vacant, however. According to Boyle, two different local establishments put restaurants in the Carrollton Turnaround before Deaux, and both decided to leave.

“This location, regardless of what the vendor has been, has not done well financially,” she said.

Boyle said that now, she hopes the Carrollton kitchen and lounge will serve as a place that students to use as they see fit.

She said that it could serve as a place for on-campus students to cook and hang out when the kitchens and lounges in their residence halls are full, especially for students in Buddig Hall, where there is only one kitchen, or as a place for commuter students to find some peace and quiet.

“There’s a lot of space here, but it often can get crowded during the day,” she said.

All students can now access the room by swiping their student ID.

Boyle also said that there remains a possibility that Sodexo might add another dining option there, although not this year.

“As far as I know, this space isn’t in the short-term planning, but that could change, she said.”

Boyle said that Residential Life is looking to students to help them come up with an official name for the lounge. Friday, Jan. 17 is the last day to submit suggestions for the space’s new name.