Superdome works to add new amenities

Anum Siddiqui


Anum Siddiqui

Renovations on the Mercedes Benz Superdome began Tuesday January 14, starting with the removing the field.

Anum Siddiqui, Reporter

The anticipated renovations in the Mercedes Benz Superdome were put on hold until the LSU Tigers won their national championship. Renovations began Tuesday January 14, starting with removing the field. 

 “This grand superdome opened in 1975, this building will have a whole other life, another 20 to 25 years” said Superdome Communications Director, Mike Hoss. “The renovations will allow us and the Superdome to have a lot of those amenities that many of the new stadiums have but maintain its character, its iconic status…it’s part of the New Orleans skyline that everybody recognizes.” 

Hoss says the main goal of the project is to make the inside of the dome a more open space. The biggest change will be the removal of 80,000 square feet of ramps on the east and west side of the dome.

“We will be able to remove those ramps and it will enable you to have much longer concourse to make you feel more open and airy. We will add escalators to where you want to go.”

A new amenity fans can look forward to in 2024 are standing room holding decks.

“They are like mini clubs where they don’t necessarily have a seat, but you can watch the game, its like you are at a bar. It’s much like a field end zone box,” said Hoss.

Hoss says the changes of the dome will not take away from its unique charticetsic.

“Nobody wants to take away from what makes the Superdome the Supedome, we just want it to be more competitive and a little nicer.”

The 450 million dollar renovation was a long decision making process, according to Hoss. The Saints have contributed 150 million dollars for the renovations. Louisiana Stadium and Exposition put in 210 million dollars. Louisiana is committing to 90 million dollars, which is 20 percent of the project. 

Dome officials expect renovations to be done by the next Super Bowl hosted by New Orleans in 2024. In the meantime, the dome will continue to host events around the project or be relocated to other venues like the Smoothie King Center. 

“We can’t shut down the building completely because we have other events. Certainly Saints games, it will be worked in and out of those events. Roughly four years,” said Hoss. 

Mannings Sports Bar and Grill,  a popular spot for sports fanatics on game day, isn’t worried the renovation will hurt business. 

Whether the Saints go to the playoffs or not,we do want them too, but as long as they’re winning the energy will stay up and we will be fine,” Mannings Sports Bar and Grill, General Manager, Damien Harvey.

The renovations will not affect the next Saints season. 

Essence fest in July, will be the next major event the dome will host.