Krewe takes action to protect cyclists

Lily Cummings, Pack News

While most Krewes are looking forward to Carnival, the Krewe of Red Beans is looking back to last year. During the Endymion parade, one of their Krewe members, Sharree Walls,  a cyclist, was killed.

Devin De Wulf is the creator and organizer of the Krewe. 

“She’s a big inspiration to us all,” De Wulf said.

Riding with Walls that night was her friend David Hynes who was also killed. 

Walls and Hynes were riding in a bike lane on Esplanade Avenue when they were struck by a drunk driver. 

Seven others were injured that night. Five cyclists died in New Orleans in 2019 and less than a month into 2020, the city has already reported one death, according to Bike Uneasy.

Graph of total cyclists deaths in 2019
Lily Cummings
Graph of total number of cyclist deaths in 2019

Bike Uneasy was created by Charlie Schully. He and his girlfriend have both been hit while biking. Since 2013 he has collected data on cyclists injuries, hit-and-runs and deaths in New Orleans. 

“The number one cause of cyclist deaths is motorists leaving the cyclist to die on the road,” Schully said.

De Wulf is now spearheading, “le Tour de Bean” in their honor.

“Our city does a great job of protecting the actual events, but I think we could do a better job getting people to and from, and especially making sure that drunk drivers are completely separate from bicycle and pedestrian zones,” De Wulf said.

De Wulf said that the event will feature speakers, music and is all family-friendly. It will take place near where Walls and Hynes were killed on Esplanade near Frontier Park from 9:00a.m. to 1:00p.m.

The Krewe of Red Beans hopes their message they send on Feb. 1, 2020 at “le Tour de Bean” hits home and the city runs to make change.