Electric car use promotes going green in New Orleans


JC Canicosa

An electric car owner charges his car in front of Loyola University New Orleans. Charging stations in various New Orleans locations have been used to promote going green.

JC Canicosa

Donald Gaver, professor and department chair of biomedical engineering at Tulane University, has been driving his electric car, an Audi A3 to work for over a year now. However, Tulane University does not have any electric vehicle charging stations that Gaver is aware of, so Gaver pays an extra fee to park in one of Loyola University’s three electric car charging stations.

I don’t wanna downplay Tulane because I’m employed by them, but I’m pretty impressed with Loyola supporting this,” said Gaver.

Loyola’s electric vehicle charging station is located at the very front of the school, which Gaver says makes Loyola look environmentally progressive.

Other local New Orleans locations are taking advantage of their own electric car charging stations as well.

Breads on Oak is an organic and vegan-friendly bakery with a charging station parking spot right outside. Barista Ember Jetter said that even though the charging station is not used very often, simply having one promotes the business’s environmentally conscious philosophy, and customers recognize that.

“Large demographics of vegans from New Orleans will come in and they just are more like into the environment and saving it so they like it and they make comments about it but its not used all the time,” said Jetter.