Sprinklers set off on sixth floor of Biever Hall

Emma Ruby


Fire alarm sprinklers went off on the sixth floor of the Biever Hall Wednesday morning, soaking residents’ belongings and leading to the building being evacuated. The cause for the incident is currently unknown.

Freshman Isabella Rupiper said the alarm went off around 9 a.m.

In an email sent to Biever Hall residents, Amy Boyle, director of residential life, said the cause of the sprinkler’s activation is still being investigated. The email also said that conditions of the floor are being assessed and rooms are being wet vacuumed and dried.

Houston Simms


Student video from the sixth floor showed sprinklers going off on one end of the hallway and water spreading throughout the floor. Another video showed flooding in a student room.

Boyle’s email said residential life will be checking in with impacted students in coming days.