Valentunes: Love songs for Loyola by Loyola


Mckenna Greenleaf Faulk

Valentine’s Day themed illustration with a music influence.

Brendan Heffernan

Loyola Valentine’s Day Playlist

Whether you find Valentines day a romantic holiday that brings people closer together or a nauseating commercial monstrosity made to make single people feel miserable we thought you should keep your Valentine’s day soundtrack close to home, so we compiled a list of Love songs and Anti-Love songs by Loyola artists.


Lil Lady – Nick Coleman feat Wakai

A breezy and bouncy west coast hip hop track perfectly fit for late night drives with your valentine.

“I think about you and all the things we done talked about, trips to the waffle house”


Thinking about you – Mia Day

An acoustic rock jam filled with biting lyrics describing love lost, because Valentines Day ain’t flowers and candy heart for everybody.

“You’re never gonna love me, and never wanted you to, but on my way back home I’ll be thinking about you”


Divine Comedy – Zita

A soulful rock & roll tune which sandwiches towering guitar solos between moments of elegant acoustic instrumentation and romantic lyrics.

“Captivate my senseless feelings, legs are turning, heart is beating”


Sante – Soleille

A catchy R&B ballad featuring Soleille’s smooth and smoky vocals over an atmospheric instrumental, as well as lyrics detailing intimate moments of heartache and the struggle for forward momentum.

“Smiling through the pain, let the poison wash away all the fantasies and dreams clogging up my mental space”


H.M.U. – [602] Prophet

An unashamedly romantic LoFi influenced hip hop song featuring tight lyricism and a laid back piano instrumental.

“Long phone calls leave each other sleepless, if I said I love you would you repeat this, usually I like to isolate and stay alone, but you kinda changed my tone”


Want you – Piper Stringz

A slow burning R&B love song which sees the freshmen working over lavish, bass heavy production while delivering cute and memorable lyrics about a new romance.

“Our love is so sweet just like honey dew, so fresh, so tasty and so brand new.”


Conversations – Zach Smallman feat SatyaHawley

An indie and R&B influenced cut featuring soulful crooning from both vocalists over an instrumental reminiscent of Voodoo era D’Angelo.

“Is it true that I’m the melody that carries your tune?”


*songs may include explicit lyrics and themes*