Mailboxes taped shut after thousands of dollars are stolen

Two mailboxes are taped shut after mail thefts.

Two mailboxes are taped shut after mail thefts.

Jade Myers, Pack News

Hundreds of thousands of dollars was stolen from two mailboxes at a Gretna United States Postal Office, leaving some residents frustrated. 

“This is ridiculous I feel like it’s so in the city common crime just happens all the time,” said Genie, Gretna resident. 

According to Gretna authorities 40 people had over $200,000 dollars worth of checks stolen from drop off mailboxes at the postal office. While the situation is under investigation by the United States Postal Inspectors Office and the Department of Homeland Security some customers are trying to figure out how this happened. 

“I’m just wondering how they got in, that must have been like an internal issue because I don’t think anyone can grab their arm in there and actually grab,” Genie said. 

In two seperate Facebook posts two women claimed that they were victims of the mailbox thefts. 

“Yes, I did too, got a letter from the postal service that a bundle of mail was found in a dumpster..One was mine..small check and not cashed …I am sure this is an inside job ..crooks and thieves everywhere. Be careful.” Priscilla Schoen Sork, check theft victim said. 

The other victim said that she had over a handful of checks stolen from the post office. 

“Don’t trust Gretna PO mailbox. I’m one of the victims that got checks stolen out of mailbox in front of Gretna Post Office. I got 7 checks stolen from 2 different banks. I didn’t know until I got calls and notices that I hadn’t paid bills. I had to stop payment on all checks and incurred stop payment fees and late fees on bills. I also had to close accounts and open new ones. I went to Gretna Police and also called Postal Fraud Service. I hope the national news picks this up so please repost and get your friends to repost.” Brenda Comfort.568g 

While some people have had their checks stolen, others have not and continue to use the post offices services. 

“ I’ve been dropping off paychecks here for 17 years and I never had a problem,” Joe Rieth, Gretna resident said. 

After being made aware of the stolen checks and investigation both residents Reith and Genie say they will be back for business. 

Though two mailboxes are taped shut, business will continue as usual.