22-year old with coronavirus shares her experience

Janae Sterling, Pack News

Emme BeBault traveled to New York the week of March 8. By the end of her trip she had laryngitis and was feeling unwell. She believes it was there that she contracted coronavirus.

“I already had a weak immune system and I decided to get tested on March 12 after experiencing symptoms on March 11,” BaBault said. 

She remembers exactly how she felt that day. She had chills, fatigue, headaches, body aches, and she even lost the ability to taste and smell. She said she wondered if it was coronavirus when she experienced all of these pains especially since she was in New York, which is a hotspot for coronavirus. Minnesota currently has fewer than 100 cases of coronavirus and New York has more than 7,000 as  of March 20. 

On March 15, BeBault’s CDC test results came back positive for the coronavirus. 

BeBault worries that coronavirus information may be inexact because she was in contact with four friends and the CDC and the Minnesota Department of Health denied them all testing. They were instructed to go to their primary clinics, which also told all four of the people she was in contact with that they would not be provided testing.

“That just does not seem like the correct protocol, and makes me feel that numbers are inaccurate. Only one of the people whose name I gave to CDC officials has yet to be tested, and I even explained that one of the individuals has my exact same symptoms,” Bebault said.  

She was also told that she would not be tested at the end of her quarantine. 

She said her symptoms often “flip” from day to day. 

“My symptoms are also evolving and changing. I started with chills and fatigue. Yesterday I had a sudden fever. Today I am feeling better but I am trying to prepare for if something were to go downhill because I just don’t know,” BeBault said. 

She was not prescribed any medicine. “Just a quarantine,” she said. So to get better she has been sleeping about nine to ten hours a night and using some herbal approaches. They include licorice tea with ginger and cayenne pepper with meals.

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