Songs for Self-Isolation: The Maroon’s quarantine playlist


Rae Walberg

If you are like me, you are probably “Bored in the House” and can only watch so much Tik Tok and take so many endless Buzzfeed quizzes before you retreat to watching your fan spin circles and wallowing in your own self-pity.

Ok. Maybe it’s just me.

But nevertheless if you need a break from “Work From Home” or just need an “Escape,” look no further than The Maroon’s quarantine playlist that covers all moods and emblems of “Corona”.

Relatable Rock:

As a classic rock enthusiast, I have shamelessly blasted “Band on the Run” an absurd amount of times while quarantining. Despite the fact that the song is actually about Paul McCartney and his post-Beatles band Wings escaping jail and (what also may be the group exploring ecstasy), McCartney really sings my truth of being “stuck inside these four walls.” Beyond former Beatles, it’s fun to “Panic” with British-invasion band The Smiths and scream at the top of your lungs “What’s Going On” with 4 Non-Blondes. If you are really on the “Edge of Darkness” play Greta Van Fleet or R.E.M’s “It’s The End of the World as We Know It.”

For the Modern Quarantine Kids:

If Modern music is more your vibe than you can relate to “Nobody” by Mitski. (please excuse my sick jokes, it’s “contagious” in my family like Avril Lavigne songs are to teenagers in the early 2000s). Jokes aside, quarantine has made us all understand what Harry Styles means in “To Be So Lonely” and become “Antisocial” like Ed Sheeran and Travis Scott. And while the stress of COVID-19 may make it feel like you’re “Into the Deep” or it’s becoming “Harder to Breathe”, always remember to “Keep your Head Up.”

Songs the Social Distancing Soundtrack:

For those of you who like their playlists to be the epitome of life in quarantine, then look no further than the titles themselves. Young the Giants “Cough Syrup” is the feature song for feeling hopeless and yearning “for a splash of sun” while the world seems so eerie and detached. Left at London’s “6 Feet” also ironically reminds us of the Center For Disease Controls social distancing suggestions and relates to one’s fears of accepting quarantine as the normal, even though it’s temporary.

The Hopeful Hits:

“When you weary, feeling small, when tears are in your eyes” there is nothing more comforting than listening to Art Garfunkel’s choir boy voice and the on-point articulation in “Bridge Over Troubled Water.” Similarly, Fleetwood Mac reminds us “Don’t Stop Thinking about Tomorrow” and The Beatles, to “Let it Be.” It’s no secret that isolation can inspire self-pity parties, but listening to Alicia Keys never fails to make us check our privilege. Her song “Underdog” reminds us of those in a more dire situation like the unemployed who rely on the stimulus checks to provide for themselves and the doctors risking their health on the frontlines. Keys inspires us to “rise up” by doing our part through social distancing.

So go ahead and peruse through this curated playlist during your quarantine. What did we miss?