Loyola classes go virtual Monday, Tuesday, buildings will reopen Tuesday


Hurricane Marco is in route to hit Southeast Louisiana Monday and Tuesday, according to the National Weather Service. Loyola will host online classes those days with a plan to reopen campus Tuesday. Photo credit: National Weather Service

Gabriella Killett

Loyola will teach virtual courses Monday and Tuesday while campus remains closed due to Hurricane Marco. Buildings will reopen Tuesday, according to an email sent out to students by President Tania Tetlow.

As of right now, neither Hurricane Marco, set to hit landfall Monday, nor Tropical Storm Laura, which is set to affect New Orleans starting Wednesday, requires the university to evacuate campus.

Instead, Monday and Tuesday virtual classes will take place as long as students have power, the email said. Tuesday, campus, including the library, dining services and University Sports Complex will reopen.

The email said the forecast for each storm predicts 2-4″ of rain and 30 mph winds to impact Loyola.

“I don’t know if this brings comfort or not, but it is extremely rare to have two tropical systems in the Gulf of Mexico at the same time— just another gift from the year 2020,” Tetlow said in the email.

Tetlow said she is glad the university has gained the flexibility to teach online and that the storms will likely not disrupt the beginning of the school year.

“If nothing else, we’ve all learned to take what fate throws at us in unflappable ways,” Tetlow said.