Photo Gallery: Masks of Loyola

Zia Sampson

The start of school looks a little different and everyone’s sporting a new accessory thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. Students are using the mask mandate to express themselves while keeping themselves and others safe. Here are just a few masks that students are wearing to show off their interests, talents and school spirit.

Jazz studies freshman David Hart poses near the Palm Court. Hart’s mask is made of Kente cloth, a type of cloth originating in West Africa. Michael Bauer/ The Maroon.

Digital film senior Alexis Reyes sports a mask featuring cats. The mask is made by Reyes herself. Michael Bauer/ The Maroon.

Fumie Nimtz, jazz studies sophomore, poses with her mask on campus. Nimtz mask features artwork by cartoonist Nathan Pyle of “Strange Planet.” Michael Bauer/ The Maroon.

Emily Pauly, music industry senior, smiles in a mask she made herself. Michael Bauer/ The Maroon.

(From left to right) Spanish freshman Kaliah Rodgers, Chi Alpha Missionary Associate Justin Samuelson, music education sophomore Samuel Tyree, and Chi Alpha Fellowship leader Joshua Byrd wear Chi Alpha branded masks. Michael Bauer/ The Maroon.