Campus looks different to allow a safe return

Will Ingram


The St. Ignatius statue on Loyola’s campus wears a face mask Sept. 11. Photo by Will Ingram.

Will Ingram, Reporter

Although life on campus looks different than years prior, it is not for nothing. According to information that President Tetlow sent in an email, the week-long testing that occurred on Loyola’s campus only yielded two positive cases out of 633 test.

“I am very happy to report that only one student and one employee tested positive, a rate of .3%,” said President Tetlow.

President Tetlow said that she is impressed with these results, but the hard work and care for others needs to continue.  Patricia Dorn, an epidemiologist on Loyola’s campus agrees.  Dorn said that wearing a mask and staying six feet away is important to protect others.

“We don’t know by looking at someone whether they are immune comprised or are going home to someone vulnerable,” said Dorn.

Dorn said that wearing a mask and distancing yourself from others are so important because the disease spreads through respiratory droplets.  She also said that another effective way to prevent the spread of COVID-19 is to frequently wash your hands.

The protocols have changed the way learning has to happen and where it can take place.  Professors such as Roger White have had to change how they teach.

“Trying to figure out how to pay equal attention to my distant students and the students actually in the class room is a new skill set for me,” said White.

He said that even though it is tough, “We are learning as we go.”  White sees the new teaching techniques as balancing two goods.  He said that we are balancing the good of social distancing and letting those that benefit from in person class be in person.

The balancing of these two goods is important to help students such as, Loyola sophomore, Thomas Healy.  Healy said that he learns better while sitting in the classroom and interacting with his professors.

“I can’t do online, I just couldn’t,” said Healy.

Another student back on campus this semester is Music Industry senior, Wendolynne Rodriguez.  She said that she is grateful to back on campus after having what she thought would be her last semester at Loyola moving completely online.

“I was very upset, had a full-blown meltdown,” said Rodriguez.

Even though Rodriguez was upset after how last semester ended, she said that everything happens for a reason because she had to come back for another semester to finish up her degree.