University police warn students of possible druggings


LUPD police car. LUPD is testing out a new dispatch system.

Director of university police Todd Warren sent an email out the evening of Oct. 3, 2021 warning students of possible druggings at local bars. University police and the New Orleans Police Department are currently investigating the incidents and taking measures against them, including raiding T.J Quills, a student hotspot, according to the email.
“We are concerned that students, particularly minors, may have been served illegal substances without their knowledge or consent, putting them in danger,” said Warren.
Incidents have been reported at multiple bars near campus that students are known to frequent, according to Warren. The email included symptoms of being roofied, including dizziness, nausea, excessive sweating, and breathing problems.
If anyone has any information about the incidents, university police are urging them to reach out to Warren directly, contact NOPD, or use their silent witness form.