Bayou Phoenix chosen to redevelop former Six Flags site


The roller coaster and concession buildings of the abandoned Six Flags Great Adventure Amusement Park are seen in New Orleans. (AP Photo/Gerald Herbert)

Parker Boyd

Bayou Phoenix, an expanded development project plan, is set to replace the abandoned site of the former Six Flags/Jazzland in New Orleans East. 

New Orleans East resident Tangee Wall said the community has pushed for the amusement park’s redevelopment for 16 years. 

“We’re excited,” Wall said.“The community is even more excited right now because we spoke up,” she said.

The New Orleans East Matters Coalition, a group that strictly focuses on infrastructure, public safety, and land use has pushed for the redevelopment. 

Henry Consulting LLC, TKTMJ Incorporated, and Hillwood are companies that are working to purchase 172 acres of property to include retail opportunities and an amusement park. 

Troy Henry, founder of Henry Consulting, a local business management company, said that the area will be economically impacted by this redevelopment. 

Core elements of the project include a business warehouse, an educational program for children, an indoor waterpark, and a sports complex, Henry said.

“We think it will be transformative for east New Orleans,” Henry said. “It will be the catalyst for other businesses and other growth opportunities and development,” he said. 

Mayor Latoya Cantrell said that contract negotiations for the project will occur over a 60 to 90 day period. $100,000,000 is set to be spent on the site. 

Henry said that the benefits of redeveloping this site will be widespread. 

“There’s nothing like this that exists in the Gulf South,” he said. “So we’re very very hopeful that this becomes a center of commerce and also a center of family oriented activities.” 

Wall said that she is happy that Bayou Phoenix was chosen as a new attraction. 

“There’s no competition anywhere nearby for something like this, so (I’m) definitely excited right now that our community choice of Bayou Phoenix has won,” she said.