Student government prepares for homecoming


Michael Bauer

Management sophomore Thomas Barrera and biology senior Mylinh Bui down the court on Feb. 14 for the 2019 Homecoming game. Homecoming is March 6 through 12. Photo credit: Michael Bauer

Macie Batson, Staff Writer

Despite major setbacks and COVID-19 protocols, Loyola’s Student Government Association is bringing back homecoming and the festivities that follow. The homecoming committee has announced new dates for the event and also a fascinating theme: The Takeover.

Homecoming week will take place the week after Mardi Gras, beginning on March 6 and ending on Saturday, March 12. All students are encouraged to participate in the events taking place.

Kalif Cooper, digital filmmaking and English sophomore and the acting homecoming chair, wants students to experience homecoming the same as other universities do, despite not having a football team.

“We want to make sure everybody has an experience like this.” Cooper said that since Loyola is a small community, it is important that students are reminded of the significance of being in a ‘wolfpack’.

With homecoming being a tradition that only recently came back to Loyola, Cooper is looking forward to being able to aid in keeping it going for years to come, and urges classes after him to “pick up the torch” to keep it pushing forward.

“I hope that my work here inspires others to take on the homecoming tasks and keep the tradition alive.” Cooper said.

When asked about events and costs, Cooper said that he is not able to give details about the activities planned.

Loyola’s homecoming instagram (@loyno_hoco) posted a video trailer last week, with a scene from the Matrix, then revealed the theme’s title.

More information to come as events and costs are announced.