COLUMN: Cory Amory is a hole-in-one as new head golf coach


Cory Amory watches as Logan Peterson, junior, practices at Lakewood Golf Club last season. Amory was assistant coach for the team at the time but has since stepped into the head coach position. Courtesy of Kyle Encar

Emma Smithers, Staff Writer

A few weeks before the start of school, the golf team was put in a new group chat that included the incoming freshman like we do every year. I already knew the freshman, but I had no idea who Cory Amory was or why he was in the group chat. Not long after, we had a team meeting where our head coach introduced him to us as our new assistant coach.

I immediately saw how Amory was a strong addition. At practices he would carry his journal and take notes of what everyone did well and what they could improve on, and it was evident that he had a passion for teaching.

“Coaching has always been something that I’ve been really interested in, and honestly the reason that I was so excited to get the assistant position was to find out if I actually loved it as much as I thought I would, and I loved it more than I thought I would,” Amory said.

After our last tournament this fall, Head Coach Drew Goff held a meeting with both teams, and told us something that nobody saw coming. With teary eyes, he told us he was stepping down as our head coach. You could hear a pin drop in the room. Everyone was excited to see him succeed outside of coaching, but nobody knew who would be able to fill his shoes after the impact he made on the program.

After a two month search for a new head coach, Amory was named the new men’s and women’s head golf coach.

“When they offered me the job, I couldn’t say yes fast enough,” he said.

The day that we received the email saying that Amory got the position, I knew he was the right guy for the job. I called to congratulate him, and during the call he was telling me some things he already had planned for the spring season. It was obvious how excited he was to get the job.

“Being a college golf coach is like my dream job. I’m excited to be part of a ‘got your back’ type of family and to watch everyone continue to develop good habits that will help them to succeed as they move forward,” he said.

After his first semester as assistant coach, he has already made a positive impact on the team. He has always been open to talk to me about how I could improve my game. Amory made his debut as head coach as he took both teams to University of Mobile’s Ram Invitational, where the women’s team won its first tournament of the season, and the men’s team came in eighth out of 14 teams.