Students celebrate Asian culture through Lunar New Year

Domonique Tolliver

The scent of Vietnamese coffee and traditional dishes fill the air as Loyola’s Asian student organization Works to give everyone an opportunity to celebrate and learn about Asian culture on campus. 

LASO vice president Sophia Trang said this is the group’s first lunar new year celebration. Trang said that students from all backgrounds are invited to join the organization in celebrating Asian culture.  

“We wanted to bring more culture to the campus and start our Lunar New Year annual event,” Trang said. 

Lunar New Year is a 15-day celebration that commemorates the first moon cycle of a new calendar year. The celebration is prominent in East and Southeast Asian cultures. 

LASO president Karime Rojas-Tepepa said even though she is not of Asian descent, the Asian Community played a vital role in her childhood. 

“Being here as president and supporting them and helping LASO to grow is like giving back to a community I never got to personally thank back growing up,” Rojas-Tepepa said. 

Rojas-Tepepa said she hopes LASO can become a safe space for the Asian community on campus to share their cultural experiences. 

“I really hope that people can embrace and learn about Asian culture and spread awareness about it on campus,” Rojas-Tepepa said.